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Джермукский водопад

Джермукский водопадJermuk waterfall is located in Jermuk. It is in the bosom of mountains, 2080 m above sea level. It has 72-meter height and flows into Arpa river. The waterfall [...]

Св. Гаяне церковь

Св. Гаяне церковьВы можете посетить церковь Св. Гаяне в Джермуке, церемония освящения состоялась в 2010 году, 17 ноября.

Кечутское водохранилище

Кечутское водохранилищеA large reservoir lake just below Jermuk, visited mainly for its star-shaped spillway. The spillway performs controlled release of water from the nearby Kechut Dam during flood periods, for [...]

Галерея горячих минеральных источников

Галерея горячих минеральных источниковThe main sightseeing and the most popular place among the tourists is the mineral water gallery. It is located in the city center, five- minutes-walk from hotel. [...]

Канатная дорога города Джермук

Канатная дорога города ДжермукYou can enjoy all the beauty of Jermuk town and its surroundings from the ropeway which is built according international standards and has the length of 1 [...]

Mineral Water Geyser

Mineral Water GeyserHot springs of mineral water (geysers) are stemming from the ground, bursting and then calming down. People come here for swimming in the natural basin of mineral water, [...]

Церковь Гндеванк

Церковь ГндеванкThe ancient monastery complex is a thousand years old, and in good condition. There are two ways to reach Gndevank, both are roads leading to Jermuk. Gndevank is a [...]

Церковь Святого Трдата

Церковь Святого ТрдатаYou can visit St. Gayane church in Jermuk, the consecration ceremony took place in 2010, on November 17.