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Apart from having a marvelous time at Grand Resort Jermuk you can also discover magnificent places of interest!

Hot Springs Mineral Water Gallery

***One of the local attractions is the mineral water gallery, which is located in the center of the spa town, about 200 meters from the hotel. There are five types [...]

Jermuk waterfall

***Jermuk waterfall is located in Jermuk. It is in the bosom of mountains. It has 72-meter height is the second highest waterfall in Armenia. The unusual view of the thin [...]

Mineral Water Geyser

***Jermuk Geyser - is located 5 km from the city, on the territory of the reserve. You can get to the geyser either in a good off-road vehicle (the road [...]

Alley after Ferdinand Ghazaryan

***In the center of Jermuk, next to the mineral water gallery, is located the alley after Ferdinand Ghazaryan, where the huge sculptures of the heroes of our liberation war are [...]

Jermuk Ropeway

***You can enjoy all the beauty of Jermuk town and its surroundings from the ropeway which is built according international standards and has the length of 1 km with the [...]

St. Gayane church

***St. Gayane Church named after Saint Gayane is located in Jermuk, Vayots Dzor region. Built in 2007, the church is decorated inside with six large icons, which depict the crucifixion [...]

Gndevank Monastry

***The ancient monastery complex is a thousand years old, and in good condition. There are two ways to reach Gndevank, both are roads leading to Jermuk. Gndevank is a perfect [...]